Sound healing is the practice of using audio tones and vibrational frequencies to repair damaged tissues and cells 

within the body. It works on the idea that all matter is vibrating at specific frequencies, and sickness, disease, depression, and stress cause humans to vibrate at a lower frequency. 


Sound Healing is used to entrain brainwaves to a slower rhythm. Entrainment is when our brainwaves synchronize to specific sound patterns or frequencies they are exposed to. This brings us to a profound state of relaxation, generally an Alpha or Theta brainwave state, enabling even newbie meditators the opportunity to meditate deeply.

In a 60-90 minute session, students can achieve what takes the Buddhist monks years to master. Simply put, we are able to dive deeper, faster. This provides space for us to slow down and to observe what comes up with utter compassion for self.


It is an opportunity to clear any mental, emotional, or physical dissonance we hold in our bodies. Sound healing provides uninterrupted space to heal.


Crystal singing bowls are 99.9% quartz crystals. The remaining percentage is precious metals, gemstones & minerals.


As our DNA is crystalline in structure, our bodies respond very well to crystalline sound emitted by the bowls. You not only “hear” the sound, you quite literally absorb it through your skin. It creates a natural resonant vibratory frequency in harmony withe the body’s own frequency. When a part of the body is out of harmony, we experience dis-ease. With dis-ease, a different sound pattern occurs in the affected part of the body. When sound is projected to a dis-eased, correct harmonic patterns are restored.


The calming sound waves that emanate from the bowls speak to the entire body, vibrating each organ, gland, cell, and atom — bringing them to a state of equilibrium. It speeds up the cellular turnover, allowing your body to heal itself faster.


Sound Healing is an effective complementary practice for those experiencing insomnia, depression, anxiety, grief, cancer, broken bones, arthritis, sports injuries, you name it. It brings physical, mental, & emotional comfort. Something we all could use a little more of.


“If you want to find
the Secrets of the Universe,
think in terms of
Energy, Frequency and Vibration.”
– Nicola Tesla