What is Bio-Brasion?

Simply put, it’s an exfoliation treatment. Bio Brasion is a crystal-free, low-suction abrasion system that uses gentle vibration with customized levels of exfoliation. During a treatment, I will run a handheld device with unique, interchangeable tips across your skin, to painlessly lift off the outermost dry, damaged layers of the skin, revealing the healthy layers of skin beneath—healthy and smooth (baby soft doesn’t even begin to describe it). 


What makes Bio-Brasion superior to Microdermabrasion?

If you’re thinking all of that sounds great, but it also sounds a lot like microdermabrasion, you’re not wrong. The treatments are very similar, but there are a few factors that set Bio Brasion apart. “Microdermabrasion, while effective for exfoliating the surface of the skin had some negatives associated with it,” Renee Rouleau says. First, the crystals that spray out of the hose are often uneven and unpredictable. “So you kind of have an uncontrolled amount of exfoliation.” Secondly, the suction used can be quite strong. “So anyone with weak capillaries and redness could have some damage,” Rouleau says.


Bio Brasion, on the other hand, uses a lower suction, so you're not pulling and tugging at fragile capillaries and there’s no risk of damage. It’s considered controlled exfoliation because it uses a diamond-head tip (not crystal), which ensures a consistent amount of abrasion. “And unlike microdermabrasion, it’s performed on wet skin,” Rouleau says. “An acid-based foam is applied to the skin to instantly start to loosen up dead cells, so when the Bio Brasion hand piece goes over the skin, it works to remove the dissolved cells.” All of that boils down to more effective, deeper (and risk-free) exfoliation. 


Who is it good for? Is it for you?

Are you sold yet? Good news: Rouleau says the treatment is right for you. “Bio Brasion is safe for all skin types (including red and sensitive complexions), delivering noticeable improvements to skin’s texture and overall appearance.” Rouleau also recommends it to treat chest and body areas with sun damage, and to help soften bumps due to a condition called keratosis pilaris.


The results?

Results are always number one, and the bottom line is Bio Brasion delivers. “One treatment will give immediate results in smoothing the skin, and is ideal when done a few days before a wedding or special occasion,” Rouleau says. “There’s no downtime and each procedure works progressively, bringing increased skin correction with additional sessions.” So when you're really trying to create change in your skin, do a series of 6 or 12 treatments, performed weekly. A single Bio Brasion facial with Noura costs $130. And a series of six treatments can be packaged at a discounted rate when purchased together.


For even greater results, it is recommended to stack treatments. “When a light chemical peel is applied to the skin after Bio Brasion, it can give dramatic results for clearing acne, smoothing discoloration from acne, and fading brown spots and discoloration from sun or hormones,” Rouleau says. Just note that adding a peel can create some dryness and light flaking for a few days post-treatment.

ECHO 2 Plus Treatment

The ECHO 2 Plus Oxygen Skin Care Treatment System is uniquely designed to cleanse, nourish and revitalize every skin cell through its revolutionary use of the pure oxygen molecule. This patented system is among the first to offer both corrective and preventative skin care, especially when it comes to reducing the effects of aging caused by the sun, free radical damage, and exposure to pollutants.



The ECHO 2 Plus Skin Care Treatment System uses 87 different combinations of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and most importantly – PURE OXYGEN gas. Therefore, the ECHO 2 Plus Skin Care Treatment System leaves the skin healthy, rejuvenated, and beautiful.


How does the ECHO 2 Plus treatment work?

Exfoliation – This is defined as the active removal of dead skin flakes that form daily on the skin surface. It is an essential part of cleansing the facial skin. Plus, this step temporarily reduces the tri-level barrier function of the skin so it can receive the active nutrients.

Cleansing – The ECHO 2 Plus Cleansing Solution is applied using sterile techniques so as not to irritate the newly exposed surface skin cells nor to kill the resident and helpful bacteria already present on the skin.


Hydration – The Hydration stage functions to supply moisture and nourishment to the skin surface. The ECHO 2 Plus process of “Osmotic Hydration” is the only one of its kind to use specially formulated enzymes and mineral solutions to help draw moisture to the skin surface, thus providing skin cells with more nourishment than ever before possible.


O2xygenation – This portion of the Treatment employs the unique, exclusive, signature mist of the ECHO 2 Plus Oxygen Treatment. Oxygen, in conjunction with vitamins and minerals, is propelled onto the skin to nourish and revitalize the skin cells. Oxygen is an excellent nutrient for collagen and elastin. The body uses its own oxygen supply and other nutrients to increase the strength of the collagen and elastin fibers. The result is an increase in the suppleness and elasticity of the skin.


This treatment is $130. Paired with the Bio-Brasion treatment, cost is $160.