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Holistic Therapies with Noura

Meet Noura Skakri

Licensed Aesthetician | Licensed Massage Therapist Registered Yoga Instructor

I have been a licensed and practicing therapist since 1991 (notice the low number on my license?! Iā€™m one of the first 400 licensed practitioners in this state, and still practicing!)

I have studied numerous modalities, taking what works effectively and then eclectically blending styles and techniques to provide a unique and custom therapy session for your needs. Needs change day by day - each session will vary depending on what your body needs TODAY.




Body Work

Sound Healing



Noura is so knowledgeable, talented, and amazing. I cannot say enough good things! I love her energy and spirit!

ā€” R. Chamness

for all booking requests, please contact:
(225) 939-5969
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